Have a Single Man’s winter with a B2B Massage Session!

By the time you are in your twenties or early thirties, it is very common that most of your friends will be aired off into relationships, engaged, buying houses with their partners and having kids and while all of this is the ideal set-up for a lot of people, you shouldn’t get yourself down if you aren’t at this point in your life, or if you don’t want to ever be like that.

Whether you are happy and thriving as a single entity in the world or are happy to live an independent for a while before settling down, you should certainly make the most of your single days… and what better way to do so than to spice up your sex life with an erotic body to body massage session?

Here at Hyde Park Tantric, we are going to remind you of all the benefits of being single this winter!

    1. More time with friends & family – When we get into a relationship it is very common that we often tend to put all of our time and effort into our significant other which often means that other important relationships in our lives suffer. When you are single you have more time to equally spread your time and effort amongst your friends and family. It is important that we maintain these relationships while we are both single and in a relationship because no matter what, you will always need support from those closest to you.
    2. You have more time to focus on your career or studying – Being single ensures that you put yourself first and that you don’t have to put your career dreams or goals on hold because of somebody else. You have more time to work hard and study, therefore when you do get into a relationship, you won’t resent your partner for holding you back because you will already have done it all.
    3. You have more money – yes, it is true; you have more money to spend all on yourself! When in a relationship you often spend your dollar on going out for food, date nights, booking romantic getaways, which of course can be fun. However, when you are single you can spend your money on whatever you like and use your hard-earned money for yourself rather than a significant other.
    4. Being alone doesn’t scare you – One of the reasons many people get into a relationship, even if they don’t particularly want one, is because they are scared of being alone. Whether you feel pressured by family, friends or society to be loved up or perhaps you don’t like your own company and believe that being in a relationship validates your worth, more so than often we make this choice because in some form we are afraid of being alone. Taking a segment of your life to be by yourself not only helps you get to know yourself, but it also builds up your confidence and helps you to realise that you don’t need anyone else to complete you, and you are your own “other half.” You will also realise that you can’t be truly happy with someone else until you are happy by yourself and being single teaches you how to respect yourself.

You can have as many erotic body to body massages as you want – One of the best things about being single is that you have complete control over your sex life, and you can also differentiate being sex and love as well as exploring your body and what you enjoy in the bedroom. What better way to explore your sexuality than to have an erotic body to body massage?

A recent poll in the U.K showed that almost 2/3 single men have regular body to body massages. Erotic massage therapy can take many different forms and the level of sensuality is entirely up to the customer. The sessions are usually performed while both the masseuse ancient are fully naked as this is easier for movement and also more arousing for the customer. Using her hands and her whole physique, the masseuse will rub her body across yours, bringing intense levels of pleasure.

The close body to body contact is not only highly arousing for the erogenous areas of the body, but it is also very personal and intimate and gives men the chance to have a connection with a beautiful woman without the hassle of getting into an unwanted relationship.

Being single certainly has a lot more benefits than people think, I mean, who doesn’t want to have a body to body massage?

Looking to book your amazing Asian body to body in Hyde Park tonight? We have a beautiful selection of masseuses ready to make you feel great!