Real Lives: How getting a body to body massage can change everything.

After a biking accident, Toby McAllister suffered fatal injury to his spine, doctors told him he would never walk or be able to use the left side of his body again. As much of a tragedy as losing the use of his legs and left arm was, for 19 year old Toby the biggest worry on his mind was this; that he would never experience sensual intimacy with a woman. 7 years past and Toby adjusted to life in a chair but on his 27th birthday he was given a gift unlike any other, a gift that changed his life. Toby’s brother Robert booked him a naked body to body massage with an exclusive erotic massage parlour in London.

Robert had considered booking his brother the massage for a long time. The first time he had a massage himself was a bit of a light bulb moment for Robert as he witnessed first-hand how professional and objective the masseuses were and how little was required of him. Rob and Toby hadn’t discussed Toby’s sex life for many years. In his early twenties Toby had been much more open about the frustration, as he put it, ‘of not being able to chase skirt’, in his later twenties Toby had grown quiet on the topic. Robert expected this was because although he had been frustrated in his early twenties, the longer time went by the more Toby had to resign himself to the fact it might never happen. Toby wanted to challenge this, so in a spur of the moment snap decision he told his wife, June, to not bother trailing the shops for a gift for his frail younger brother- for instead they would buy him an erotic massage. ‘About time!’ June had exclaimed, squeezing the arm of her beloved husband.

So the day rolled around, the Mcallister family all crowded in Mama Mccallister’s small living room, shop bought frosted cake cut up in to neat squares and put on colourful paper plates and stationed on everyone’s laps. Toby was in the corner of the room in the space left for his chair, the rest of the family circled around him, watching as he opened his gifts. Off his mother he had received a selfie stick – something she had bought him a Christmas before, which she had clearly forgotten and with no surprise considering he had never taken it out of its packaging  or moved it from under the pile of stuff he didn’t care for in his wardrobe. ‘Thanks mum’ Toby said, giving her his winning smile. ‘I thought you could use it to make a good Tinder profile- Rob can help you upload them.’ His mum said, for the second time, having said the exact same thing the first time he’d received the gift. ‘Great idea mum’, toby replied. Looking at his older brother with a knowing look, Rob figured it was about time he gave him his gift. Sealed in a red envelope he passed along the card to Toby. Opening it with no real interest or enthusiasm on his face, Toby opened the enveloped, prized open the modestly decorated card and read to himself the words inside. Looking up at his older brother Toby said ‘Are you serious?’, ‘Absolutely replied Rob, winking at his brother and then at his wife, ‘June found a really good place.’ ‘Well won’t someone fill me in?’  Mother Mccallister chimed, ‘Wheelchair football classes!’ June announced, comfortably masking the lie. And that was that. They finished their cake, had a drink, and watched a bit of telly and then all went back to normal. – That is of course except for the life changing experience burning hot in Toby’s chest pocket.

The following week Robert and June agreed to take Toby to his first ‘wheel chair football training.’ Arriving at the parlour Toby confessed that he was feeling a little nervous. He was concerned the whole thing would be embarrassing and that the masseuse would be uncomfortable with him because he was a cripple. His brother and sister-in-law assured him that all would be fine and that they would be across the street, ready and at hand if at any point he needed them. With their reassurances Toby took a deep breath and wheeled himself in to the parlour.

The massage was wonderful. Toby’s masseuse, Ivy, was a young, beautiful Asian woman who knew her way around the male body. Ivy put Toby to ease straight away, relaxed him and incorporated his chair without an issue. Having not had sex before, Toby wasn’t exactly sure how to do it but with Ivy guiding him they had no problems. When Toby was suitably relaxed and aroused, Ivy climbed her firm smooth frame on top of a trembling Toby, massaging his penis until hard and slipping herself inside.  As it turned out Toby had naturally good rhythm and with his good arm naturally fell in to pleasuring Ivy, massaging her clitoris until orgasm. The two climaxed at the same time, with Ivy falling back lying in Toby’s lap. As they lay together in silence Toby almost forgot that it was a paid service and that his session time was up. He made his apologies and attempted to button up his shirt with his functioning hand. Ivy stopped him and took care of the shirt herself. As he was leaving Ivy called him back and scribbled down her number on the back of some scrap paper. Placing the number in to his jacket pocket she planted a kiss on his cheek and told him to call her.

Elated and feeling like a new man Toby rolled himself out of the parlour in search for his brother and sister in law. In the nearby boozer he filled them in on everything that had happened and showed them Ivy’s number. Robert and June were made up for Toby, knowing that he, out of anyone deserved some luck in love.

Some two years on Toby’s life has totally changed. His love affair with Ivy with short lived, whilst remaining friends, Toby moved on with a new found confidence to date. He met an array of interesting and wonderful women but after meeting Sara through a friend he fell madly in love. They are now expecting their first child and Toby has never looked back.

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