The seven sexy ingredients for an ultra-delicious body to body massage

The Seven Things you need for that special Body to Body massage

Body to body is a mouth-watering feast of all things sexy. Thinking of treating your partner to one? Then do be sure to stock up on our delicious ingredients for the most exquisite body to body massage.

Massage oil

Ok, so it goes without saying that oil is a must for a body to body massage. Do make sure you stock on lots of it so you can be generous with the amount you put on your partner. Being frugal with the amount of oil you use will lead to your strokes being more rough and ready, than smooth and sensual. To get the best out of the massage oil, warm the formula with your hands before drizzling and lathering it onto your partner’s bare skin.






With body to body massage, you want to create a super intimate setting for your partner – candles can help to achieve this. Dim the lighting and place copious candles around the room. However, do make sure they are in a safe distance away from the massage area – you don’t want to create a fire hazard! A bonus tip is to cherry-pick scented candles which have romance, relaxation and passionate properties which are sure to whisk your partner away to euphoria. Lavender, Chamomile and Vanilla aromas are our top recommendations.



A free house

Body to body massage is ridiculously romantic and unwinding, however, any disturbances interruptions are sure to deflate the sensual atmosphere. The last thing you want to hear is your flatmate groaning at the TV when you’re getting ultra jiggy with your partner. Instead, do plan your body to body massage when you have a free house. This also means you can take the fun to other rooms if you’re feeling a little more adventurous.




Lots of towels

Of course, body to body is dreamy, but it can also get a little messy. With bodily fluids and massage oil flying everywhere the chances of staining your sheets is pretty high. Therefore, we do recommend placing an old cloth and towels around your designated massage area. A bonus tip is to use dark towels and sheets because obviously, they are easier to clean after the massage has taken place.


No technology

To make the most of your body to body massage it’s important all technology is removed from the room. Turn the TV off, put laptops to one side and place your phones in another room. Any and we mean ANY interruptions will immediately deflate the pulse-racing pleasure.





Super sexy playlist

Another feature which can help with the sizzling atmosphere is an ultra-sexy playlist. We’re talking old school R&B, which is sure going to get you and your partner into a passionate mood. Do be sure to find a playlist which will last the entire duration of your body to body massage. Let’s be honest, getting up to change the music mid-frisk will likely deflate the super passionate atmosphere you have already achieved.



Warm bubble bath

The body to body massage might come to an end, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. A warm bubble bath shared with you and your partner is the perfect finale for your raunchy encounter. We recommend that you run the bath before your massage has taken place and leave it cool down while you get jiggy with your lady. Once you’ve finished massaging the water will be at a perfect temperature for some steamy fun. Not only does a bath help to wash off any excess bodily fluids and massage oil, but it also helps to cool your partner’s muscles down. Not to mention it also buys extra time to get wet ‘n’ wild with your loved one!



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