Seven erotic massage myths explained

In the 21st Century, erotic massage is very much a taboo subject which sadly causes many myths to circulate the erotic world. However, here at Hyde Park Tantric, we believe it’s about time we put a stop to these ridiculous misconceptions, here are seven erotic massage myths explained..

‘Erotic masseuses are just prostitutes’

Believe it or not, calling an erotic masseuse a prostitute is super offensive. Many high-class erotic masseuse (just like the ones who work for us) have undergone intense training at some of the leading massage schools in Asia. Here they have been taught the highest expertise in the art of Tantra, seduction and edging. After they complete their training programme, the masseuses are hand-picked to work for some of the best parlours around the world, based not only upon their beauty, but their fine talents as well. Sex is only a small part of their job. The masseuses have worked hard to get where they are, so to refer to them as prostitutes is disrespectful.

‘Erotic massage is illegal’

Erotic massage being against the law is arguably one of the most ridiculous myths there is. Of course, the British government is quite strict when it comes to sex laws, however erotic massage is completely legal. This is because whatever goes on between two consensual adults after the massage is entirely their choice and isn’t something the law can interfere with.

Some people often believe that they don’t advertise erotic massage outside of the parlours because it is illegal. However,  this is actually to respect the clients who usually are seeking a discreet service. So, next time you have an erotic massage you can feel relaxed in knowing the cops aren’t going to come and intrude!

‘Erotic massage is just sex’

While sex can be an element of an erotic massage, it isn’t always essential. Erotic massage is basically a full body massage which also stimulates the erogenous zones. Whether you want this to be done by hand relief, oral or penetration (or maybe all three) is entirely your choice. You can always discuss with the therapist at the start of your session about what they offer and what you would like your service to include.

‘Erotic massages are performed in seedy locations’

As mentioned earlier, erotic massage is a high-class treatment and therefore needs to be performed in a setting which matches its lavishness – it would be super weird for the bodywork to be performed in a dingy location, like many people believe. Instead, erotic massages are usually offered in plush apartment suites and houses in some of the country’s most exclusive postcodes. The parlours are often mistaken for the upmarket residences of the elite, which will make you feel at the height of luxury when you visit for a session. Many parlours often offer a luxurious outcall service, where erotic massage can be performed in an address of your choice for a slightly higher fee.

‘Only sleazy men get erotic massages’

No, no they don’t. There are many other reasons to get an erotic massage which go beyond just getting your sexual needs fulfilled. Erotic massage is a powerful reliever of stress, low moods and aches which makes it a popular service with respectable businessmen. These men often visit the parlour on their lunch break or after a long day at the office as a chance to unwind and relax. To perceive erotic massage clients as sleazy is extremely shallow.

‘Only men can get erotic massages’

If you believe that only men can get erotic massages then you’re definitely living in the past – it’s the 21st century, women enjoy a bit of sexy time too! The female version of erotic massage is known as a yoni massage and stimulates the erogenous zones around the vagina. Many parlours (including ours) now offer couples erotic massage, where you can enjoy the company of one or two therapists with your partner.

‘Erotic massage isn’t that popular’

You might be surprised, but erotic massage is a super popular service and continues to flourish with more and more clientele year on year. We believe this is because erotic massage is finally being recognised for its health and wellbeing benefits, as well as for fulfilling your sensual needs. Erotic massage is particularly popular in busy cities including London, New York and Tokyo where many tourists and businessmen seek the service at all hours of the day.  One look on the Internet and you’ll find out the world brimming with erotic massage parlours.

Now we’ve put these erotic massage myths to bed why not get hot under the covers yourself with a smoking hot masseuse? Our Hyde Park Tantric escorts are based in various incall parlours across Central London and also offer outcall service to as far as Heathrow. Erotic packages are available for as little as £120 for one hour. We are just one call away to make your day.. Have a look at our Erotic Massage Hyde Park service page or give us a call on 07418342639.