How a Nuru massage can help you in more ways than you think!

How a Nuru massage can help your inner self

Nuru massage therapy truly is a unique and exceptional style of massage therapy that is quickly becoming well known across the Coco a beautiful Nuru masseuse in Londonglobe for its soothing and pleasurable nature. Massage therapy in general is ideal for combatting muscular pain or tension, freeing the mind of anxiety, helping you with self-esteem and confidence issues as well as helping you to relax in this hectic world. However, a Nuru massage is the next step up and is known to bring the client levels of calmness and a sense of wholeness that is not only automatic but lasting.

…So, what exactly is a Nuru massage? A Nuru massage is an erotic massage style that has the aim of not only bringing sexual pleasure but helping you to feel mentally healthy. Originating in Kawasaki, Japan, the Japanese word “Nuru” derives from the word “slippery.” Nuru gel is made up of nori seaweed and other natural extracts. It is clear and odourless and is suitable for all skin types. Once the masseuse applies the Nuru gel onto your naked body she will use her entire physique to massage and caress you, reaching every aspect of your body and bringing you relief. Nuru massage is popular due to the use of Nuru gel but it is also loved due to the fact it is very intimate and has a lot of physical contact that other traditional massages do not.

We have talked with some of our clients who receive regular Nuru massage sessions to find out exactly why they have them and the benefits it has on them both mentally and physically!

(Rasheed, 32) “As someone who receives various different types of traditional and erotic massages each month, I am always most pleased after a Nuru massage session. This unique massage style pushes the boundaries and is not only pleasurable but fulfilling and beneficial to the body and mind. Initially I was interested in it purely for sexual gratification but after a few minutes into my first session I could tell that it would have many positive outcomes for me. The private room in the massage parlour is always clean and the sheets are always fresh, I am always offered the chance to have a shower before the session begins which really sets the tone and helps me settle into a relaxed atmosphere. Although I have sensitive skin, the Nuru gel always feels cool and gentle on my body and in fact my skin is always glowing for numerous days after my session. I always enjoy the intimacy of this massage style as I have quite a busy lifestyle and do not have time to dedicate to a committed relationship, therefore Nuru massage therapy provides me with this.”

(Tyler, 25) “I was quite a late bloomer when it came to puberty which meant that when it came to facial hair, my voice dropping and girls, all my friends were way ahead in the game compared to me. When I started university I was still a virgin and although I had hit puberty by then and was quite a handsome young man, I still had self-esteem issues from my teenage years which carried on into my early twenties and affected by romantic relationships drastically. I was too scared to become intimate with a girl, even if I trusted her as I feared that I was too skinny, my chest wasn’t hairy enough  or that my penis wasn’t big enough. Nuru massage therapy not only helped me to love and accept my body the way it is, it taught me that there is no “perfect” way to look. Once I accepted my appearance for how it was it had a huge knock on effect for my confidence and I became a happier and more positive person. The intimacy of a Nuru massage enabled me to let down my guard and I found that I was a lot more open with new sexual partners. A massage style such a Nuru is so much more than feeling pleasure, it is about awakening the happiness within yourself that you deserve. Too many people a Nuru massage may simply be a physical act but for me it is a cleanse of the mind, body and soul.”

(Pablo, 58) “I have been sexually active since my very early teens and this accumulated with years of watching porn and having more sexual partners than the average person comes with the negative impact of desensitization. This became a major issue for me in my later life and had a particularly bad impact on both my last two marriages. Marriage should be intimate and personal, especially when it comes to sex, however I was unable to bring this to the table in both my marriages and this resulted in both of them ending. I was so out of touch with my body and although I loved both my partners, I found it extremely difficult to connect how my mind felt with how my body felt. It took extreme measures to give me an erection and of course my ex partners did not feel comfortable with participating in the activities that helped me and I do not blame them. I decided to start Nuru massage therapy as not only is sexually pleasing but it is known for helping you mentally as well. After one session I could feel the benefits and it was a lot easier to intertwine my physical with my mental. I learned to control my body more and to enjoy the journey of pleasure rather than working towards the ultimate goal of climaxing.”

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