Five things to do before your first prostate massage

Prostate massage is seductive, adventurous and enticing – providing you with next level thrills which can only be compared to euphoria. Despite how bloody pleasurable prostate massage can be, it is a given that you maybe a little nervous before having a prostate treatment. Having a gorgeous girl slip her sensual fingertips inside your anus might not be something which happens regularly. To steady them first-time nerves follow these tips, you can thank us with a moan and groan later…

Our List of tips before your first Prostate massage

  1. Do shower

Come on guys, an erotic therapist doesn’t want to be massaging your stinky boy – showering is must. Not only is good hygiene common courtesy, but there is also evidence which suggests the warm water unwinds your muscles, which is beneficial if you’re all tensed up with nerves. We understand that the majority of erotic massage clientele may visit us on their lunch break or after a long working day, therefore you needn’t worry you need to rush home for a quick bathe beforehand. Most parlours across London often a complimentary shower service, completed with free towels and soaps which you can use before your session. Showering is guaranteed to set you up for the perfect prostate massage.

  1. Only eat a sugar-fuelled snack

With other erotic massages, there’s usually a bit of leeway in how much you can eat before your treatment. However, as prostate massage is centred on massaging your anus you need to avoid all stodgy food for at least two hours beforehand. A bowel explosion is definitely not what you need when you have a prostate massage. In exceptional circumstances when you may feel a little lightheaded then do feel free to tuck into a light snack, such as a muesli bar or a piece of fruit. This should stop your stomach from grumbling for the duration of the massage!

  1. Do arrive on time

With a prostate massage involving a standard body to body treatment, the prostate play and the sexy bits, there’s a lot to pack into one hour fun. Therefore boys, do make sure you arrive on time! For your first prostate massage it’s important to discuss your preferences with the masseuse beforehand so they’ll be able to mould the bodywork to suit your pleasure. A bonus tip is to arrive a little earlier than your appointment, as this will always guarantee you the choice of which gorgeous girl you have for your massage.

  1. Don’t worry about shaving

Desiring a prostate massage but aren’t keen on the thought of shaving your bum hole? Well don’t panic as prostate therapists do prefer it au natural! Let’s be honest, if you are an erotic therapist and are bothered about a little bit of hair you’re definitely in the wrong job. So put the razor down boys, shaving is definitely not essential!

  1. Do wear comfortable clothes

Prostate massage is performed with yourself and the therapist naked (unless you request otherwise) Therefore, its important you can easily slip in and out of your clothes. The less time it takes to undress, the more time you have for sexy fun with your seductive masseuse – it’s that simple! Of course, there is no dress code at an erotic massage parlour, so if you are a little strapped for time and want to come in your work clothes then don’t feel obliged to get changed beforehand.

Booking your first Prostate massage with one of our beautiful Asian masseuses

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