What’s your guilty pleasure?

No matter who you are or where you are from, everyone has a guilty pleasure. Every single one of us has that one thing or maybe person, who we know we shouldn’t lust over or love, even feeling end of doing so, but do anyway. However – What if I told you that your guilty pleasure did not have to be one, and that a prostate massage is a perfectly normal thing to love?

Studies have showed that 2 in 3 heterosexual males are ashamed and embarrassed about liking prostate massages, and like to keep it a secret from others. Many of them believe that it is perhaps a sexual act made only for gay males, and the toxic masculinity that is deep within society makes them feel as if they cannot enjoy it. However, prostate massages are and should be for every single male to enjoy – no matter what your background or sexual preference.

Here is a list of why exactly you should not keep your love for prostate massages a guilty pleasure and learn to be proud of enjoying them

A woman being intimate with a manThey are intimate – Prostate massages are a type of massage therapy that can be both sexual and medical, however no matter what mind-set you receive this massage in, it will always be quite an intimate cat. The masseuse inserts her finger into your anus, a place where you probably do not usually let anyone else go; therefore it can be quite a big step to take. However, if you receive regular prostate massages you learn to become more intimate with not only your own body, but also with another person which can in turn help you with relationships.

You learn about your body

Most men think they know everything about their body, however many do not even know what the prostate gland is or where it is located. The prostate gland is located inside the anus, and its use is to help produce seamen. Having a prostate massage allows you to learn about your body and exactly how it functions, which is good if you want to keep an eye on your health and also find new ways to pleasure yourself.

They feel amazing

Although many men receive prostate massages by their doctor for health or medical reasons, so many men receive them simply for pleasure. The male body has a “G-Spot” located inside the anus which can be pleasured through the prostate gland being massaged. You can massage the prostate gland by either inserting a finger inside in a hook like shape, or you can use your knuckles and fingers to gently knead and massage the perineum. Either way, you are sure to experience intense levels of pleasure. Many men have said they have reached climax from having their prostate gland, and afterwards their penile orgasm felt longer and more intense.

They are good for your health

Like I said before, many men receive prostate massages to help prevent or stop prostate cancer. If you regularly receive a prostate massage from an erotic masseuse, your partner or a doctor, you are less likely to experience health problems or issues within that region of your body.

It is fun to try

An erotic masseuse getting ready to give a prostate massage in LondonMany men go their whole lives without trying a prostate massage, which means everything else becomes a bit boring and exhausted. If you want to try something new to revamp your sex life and bring some heat back to the bedroom, then a prostate massage could be your knight in shining armour. Due to the fact that so many people do keep it their dirty little secret and it is often viewed as a taboo sex topic, this could add the fun and excitement of trying it. Everyone loves a little adventure, and yours could begin with a prostate massage!

Realistically, although many people frown upon or look down on prostate massage, the truth is that a lot more men actually enjoy them than we think. Hopefully in 2019 there is a shift in opinions and men no longer feel ashamed or embarrassed to be open about it, or to ask for them. After all, it is 2019! Let’s make this the year of the prostate massage!

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