Your Happiest Happy Ending Moment

Your Happiest Happy Ending Moment

Our customers are the heart and soul of our company and without them we would not exist. Throughout 2018 we exceeded our business expectations, gaining more regular customers than we expected, meaning we were able to expand our services and also our locations. Our masseuses have had some of their best memories as erotic massage therapists this year, and this is all thanks to you.

So, to get to know our lovely loyal customers a bit better, we decided to ask them about their happiest “Happy ending” moment this year at our massage parlour.

Kurt, 42 – “Although I have been getting happy ending massages for many years now, I definitely had my happiest happy ending moment this year. I was in the Marylebone area as I own some apartments there and I was visiting some tenants of mine to renew their contract. It was quite a cold morning with a dewy fog; I was clenching my coffee cup tightly to warm my hands up. Suddenly the skies opened and it began to rain very heavily as I was making my way back to the tube station. I had a lot of important papers in my hand that I wanted to protect but the wetness of the rain was beating against it a lot. As I was running down Park Road I remembered that the massage parlour I usually visit was close by so I ran in there for some shelter. I was greeted by the lovely receptionist who had the kindest eyes and brightest smile. She could see that I was soaking so she got me a cup of tea, a towel and hung my coat up for me. AS I hadn’t planned on actually getting a massage that day I didn’t opt for my usually full service nuru massage, and instead asked for a half an hour happy ending massage. I wasn’t expecting much from it as I was so used to the intensity of my usual service. However, I was completely shocked when it turned out to be so much better. The masseuse undressed us both slowly, running her soft fingers across my skin and kissing my shoulders and inner thighs gently. She then applied lubricant on my penis and started to move her soft hands up and down my shaft firmly. Before I knew it my breathing had become heavier and more regular and I was started to climax. I felt rushes of pleasure all through my penis, testicles, and groins and all the way down to my toes. It was incredible. I think the reason this was the happiest happy ending massage of my year was because my day had got off to a bad start and ended amazingly. I was not expecting the massage to feel as good as it was what a nice surprise.”

Masood, 36 – “After a stressful, long week at work I had the biggest migraine and my whole body felt tense and worn down. I had worked extremely hard for many months without very little me time, which was not just effecting me physically but mentally too. My mind was working at top speed, but not in a good way, I felt exhausted. I expressed how I was feeling to a work colleague who is also a good friend of mine and he suggested that I visit a massage parlour, as he often goes to one in central London. I was rather apprehensive at the beginning because I am not that open when it comes to my sex life and it is something I value a lot. However, he explained to me that I should view my penis as another part of my body that needs to feel a sense of relief to function properly, so I decided to visit the parlour. Upon arrival I was quite nervous but these feelings shortly subsided due to the friendly nature of the receptionist who let me choose the masseuse I wanted for my session and talked me through each service. As it was my first time I went for the “happy ending” massage as it was apparently good for new comers. The masseuse started off with a full body to body, naked massage. She reached all my muscle tension and pain and I could feel the anxiety exit my body almost immediately. This had a knock on effect because my mind slowed down and I felt very calm. She then began to massage my penis, moving her hand up and down it in a slow and steady movement before I ejaculated. While I reached climax I felt completely carefree and experienced a sense of well-being that I hadn’t in long time. This was my happiest happy ending moment because it taught me how to manage my stress and avoid my anxiety and worries a lot easier. I would recommend a happy ending service to anyone who is feeling like I did.”

It is clear that a “Happy ending” massage doesn’t pull its name from nowhere. This massage service has been known for many years to bring men happiness and pleasure, even when they are feeling at their lowest. It allows them to relax while feeling a sense of relief and joy all at the same time.

If you are in the central London area and would like to book an erotic massage we have an extensive list of services for you to choose from. Our biggest massage parlours are in Marylebone and South Kensington; however we also offer outcall services to many neighbouring boroughs. Our beautiful masseuses are from China, Korea and Japan and have all been trained at some of the most elite massage therapy schools across Asia. Contact us today via phone call on 07418342639 or email to book an appointment `with one of our lovely ladies. You can also read our Tantric Massage in Hyde Park services.

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